Black Mountain Tower, Acton

Black Mountain Tower - Acton

REGION: Canberra Region, Canberra
ADDRESS: Black Mountain Drive, Acton, ACT, 2601
PHONE: 1800 806 718

Black Mountain Tower is one of Australia's National Capital's most popular tourist attractions, where visitors will experience 360 degree views of Canberra and the surrounding countryside. The tower is situated at the top of Black Mountain and posses Canberra's only revolving restaurant as diners take in the breathtaking views.

From the enclosed viewing gallery and the two open viewing platforms viewers can watch the city unfold by day or by night and is not a sight that the local residents take for granted.

Black mountain Tower rises up 195 metres above the peak of Black Mountain and since its opening in 1980 has repeatedly generated a vast amount of enthusiasm as the Tower has a functional responsibility as well. Black Mountain Tower delivers crucial communications facilities for the National Capital.

How to get to Black Mountain Tower

Map only displays approximate location of Black Mountain Tower
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