Our Family Profile

Zane Wheatley
Zane (10) is our Grandpa child and makes up for his sisters devil-may-care approach to life as he analyses everything to within an inch of reasonability. Zane's love of reading has given him an extensive knowledge of his two great passions, marine life and cars. He is very practical and if something cannot be proven by fact then it just doesn't make sense. Our funny, smart, curious little guy declared, at the ripe old age of four that when he grows up he will get together with Santa and figure out how to make people live forever. So adorable!
Maya Wheatley
Maya (9) is our gorgeous, fearless, free spirited little girl with an incredible imagination who can create anything with very limited resources. She has a knack for charming all that happen to be blessed with her presence with a dash of clumsiness to keep us on our toes. Her love for her family is rivalled only by her love for cooking as long as she gets to eat raw cake mix and cookie dough. She has always amazed us at how she can plunge from reasonable to ridiculous in a single bound.
Cameron Wheatley
I have always struggled to define exactly what Cameron's profession is and not because it is strange. Mostly because there are so many different aspects to it. He doesn't just build websites, make television commercials, edit or do graphic design, he does all of these things and I wouldn't want to pigeon hole him into one element. Now, his renewed interest in photography leads me to the conclusion that he is a Visual Producer. This should be his job title. Other than that Cam is a big kid really, not unlike most men prior to forty and he requires just as much reining in as the kids, sometimes. Since the travelling started his inner gypsy has been unleashed and he is a sure bet to be off again soon, can't wait to hear the reason.

"Oh, I forgot to take a photo of that croc in Weipa, see you in a month or two."
Karen Wheatley
I always have been and probably always will be a very social being and if I didn't hover slightly towards OCD with my organisational/cleaning habits I would probably never be home. If my family and friends were to describe me I think they would say that I am fun to be around, wouldn't hurt a fly, can be stubborn and when I am passionate about something I never look back. I love my family beyond measure and cherish close friends but I also love solitude and value time to myself, like most Mum's I guess. I live by the adages 'You get what you give' and 'Treat others how you would like to be treated'.