Our Story

Moments are fleeting and once they are lost they are gone forever!

My husband, Cameron and I are just your regular, run-of-the-mill Australian family with two gorgeous kids who wanted to change our idea of living. To do that we needed to exit life and enter living. We decided to take advantage of our skills in computer design, photography and writing, combined with our love for family, adventure and travel. Our aim was and will always be to be of service to hard working Australian businesses relying on tourism and engage holiday makers/travellers from around the globe to be inspired by our amazing country.

I have just made this entire process sound like a piece of cake although it has been far from that.

Building a website whilst travelling around the country with two bright adventurous, energetic children has been inspirational, life changing, humbling and unforgettable. Easy, however is not a word that springs to mind on reflection but what worthwhile thing is!

The Catalyst
We were just like every other family, though Cameron and I worked together, for ourselves from home, so not quite like everyone else but similar in the fact that we were getting bogged down in the day to day routine of life. Moments would come up where we didn't feel like we were living it at all but we were happy enough to plod along.
Little did we know that our craving for something different, bubbling away underneath, would be the catalyst for something remarkable.

Quite literally it was one suggestion, by friends, that had a domino effect on our life. When our friends couldn't find a decent website with accommodation information for our area they jokingly suggested that we build one. Simple! Well yes and no.

We knew we could do it, that was the easy part. We researched into the wee hours of many mornings trying to find something, anything that was really informative, insightful, personal, easy to use etc on one site. Nada!

I was so frustrated reading the same, sometimes exactly the same copy, about one destination on several different sites. This led me to believe that whoever was building these sites had absolutely no idea what it was like to actually stand at the tip of Cape York, cast a naked eye over the magnificence of Lucky Bay or snorkel with hundreds of fish in Ningaloo Reef.

This was the more challenging aspect. How were we going to write about places we had never been. Exciting as it was to contemplate, could we really do THAT?
Within a day of discussion the decision was made, followed by the realisation that this decision had been building slowly over the years, became more apparent to us.

In The Beginning
Travelling around the country had always been a dream of ours and the idea had popped up before the kids were born, then it became a dream but dreaming is not even close to doing. The truth is, I was terrified the first time Cam suggested we travel around Australia. Scared stiff of leaving my comfortable home, job, surroundings, family, friends.

Did I mention lazy! I was too lazy to, at the very least, research to quell my fears or educate myself on such an idea. I just wanted to hold on to all my stuff and go on my little holidays for 2,3,4 weeks at a time and return to the sanctuary of familiar surroundings.

Unsurprisingly, things began to change with the birth of our children. We were living in Sydney at the time and with me at home and Cam working his butt off to compensate, we rarely saw him and things got pretty tough. I guess this was epiphany number one, we packed up and headed north for a sea change.

From Sydney to small town, different view but ultimately the same life, minus traffic and big mortgage. Of course there were still responsibilities, like jobs and school, so although life slowed down, compared to the big city, it didn't take long once the kids started school to slip back into the old routine of rushing through life. It seemed like we were racing around to achieve a mediocre life.

Every time I turned on the television or spoke to someone I was hearing heartbreaking stories of people that were embracing life and their families with both hands after a tragedy close to them or at least, a near miss for themselves. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, why wait, or it may be too late!

Cue epiphany number two, there might not be another time to do this.

This is exactly how I felt one balmy Summers night sitting on our front deck and listening to the dolphins breathe through their blow holes. We were certainly blessed living across from such a beautiful waterway and we appreciated it everyday. Maybe it was even this stunning location that gave us the craving to explore but I know for sure that I had a burning desire to not let life pass me by and to do that I needed to step out of my comfort zone.

So I guess you could say that we were already showing signs of wanting to embrace our lives with both hands. I realise my situation was not as terrible as I'm probably making it out to be, I think we all do that to a degree, however I knew that although we may not have the freedom to do whatever we want to do, we have the freedom to do something.

In our decision we knew we would be okay but there was a hell of a lot to consider in order for it be so. Living in the age of no excuses with so much data to rummage through on the internet to better inform ourselves and answer any questions we may have, allows us to stop wondering how things may be and go and see for ourselves how they really are.

Cam suggested I write a blog and I can remember cringing at the very thought of it, so originally I just wanted do it for us when we are old and have forgotten the specifics. Then as I started to flex my writing muscles, the embedded passionate writer within has slowly come to the fore.

Even if I may not be that great at it, I am passionate enough about writing that I have a blast doing it and more than likely with a smile on my dial, even if no one is reading. My aim is to move people, both physically and emotionally.

There is something liberating about peeling back the layers of myself for all to see, though I was sceptical about it at first. I'm most certainly not always proud of, or in control of everyday events, not even close, and thank goodness for that. However, there are some decisions that for whatever reason we make them, lead us to a completely different life.

There have been more than many comments along the way, interestingly one has been

"You just want to escape life" which couldn't be further from the truth.

We don't want life to escape us!

The other question has been

"Will you make money off the site?" and the answer to that is.....

"Maybe one day"

Our original intention was very much an intense vision to inspire 'would be' travellers and help businesses advertise. We are more concerned about making businesses more prosperous and audiences engaged and more informed.

Bottom line, we are passionate about our decision to build this website for Australian businesses and proud of our product.