Hints and Tips - Backpackers


For Police, Ambulance or Fire, Australia's emergency number is OOO and should only be dialled in the case of a life threatening situation.

Find Public Toilets Australia Wide

Never get caught with your pants down again with The National Public Toilet Map. Log onto this very handy Government website to locate public toilet facilities across Australia.

First Aid - Snakes and Spiders

We do have venomous snakes and spiders in Australia, so if you are going to be headed to more remote areas, then you should know a thing or two about our snakes and spiders.

  • Leaving snakes and spiders alone
  • Never attempt to catch or kill a snake
  • Look on the ground in front when walking
  • Wear protective clothing in the bush eg. boots, long pants and shirt


    DO NOT:
  • Cut or suck the bite
  • Apply a tourniquet
  • Wash the bite
  • Try to catch or kill the snake
  • Give the patient alcohol

  • Encourage the patient to remain calm and as still as possible
  • Apply a broad, firm pressure bandage(s) (use your shirt or whatever is handy) over the bitten area as soon possible, starting from the lower portion of the limb. (fingers or toes)
  • Extend the bandage as high up the limb as possible
  • It is very important to immobilise the the area eg. a bitten leg with a splint, a bitten arm with a splint and a sling
  • Bring transport to the patient if possible
  • Get medical help as soon as possible

  • For more information checkout Steve McEwan's Reptile World Website
  • Packing

    If you are taking two types of money eg. visa and travellers checks, keep them in different places so that if the worst happens and your wallet or bag is stolen you still have access to some money.

    If travelling with a friend, pack half of your clothes in their bag and half of theirs in your luggage so if one bag gets lost at least you have half of your belongings.

    The safest weight for a backpack is one third of your own bodyweight.

    Always pack your own luggage and lock securely, keep two keys in different places.

    Don't carry anything for people you are unfamiliar with.

    Don't leave luggage unattended.

    Sun and Swim Safety

    When travelling in Australia especially in Summer, do as the locals do and wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat, at least, it is also a good idea to wear light, long sleeved clothing in the middle of the day.

    Making sure you drink plenty of fluids (No, beer doesn't count) especially important on hot summer days.

    Australia offers some of the most beautiful and safe beaches in the world, however there are some places where you need to heed the advice of any signs advising that it is NOT safe to swim. These signs are there for good reason and should NEVER be ignored.

    Sunburn and dehydration will not make for good memories to take home.


    Although Aussies are well known for our laid back lifestyle, unfortunately, like anywhere else in the world, there is always going to be an element in society that will take what they can get. Lock up at all times, especially if you are travelling in a camper. We constantly see the backs of these camper vans left up, day or night, even if you leave to go to the amenities, LOCK IT, even in caravan parks.