Hints and Tips - Car Tips

Petrol - Do's and Don'ts

Petrol expands when it gets warmer and is generally stored in tanks underground, so it makes sense to fill up early in the morning when the ground temperature is still cold.

That way you can be sure that your litre is actually a litre. The colder the ground the denser the fuel.

Be careful filling up while a tanker is pumping fuel into the storage tanks, any dirt settled on the bottom can get stirred up and be picked up into your tank. It might be a good idea to wait.

When towing you use approximately 3O% more fuel doing 1OO - 11O kilometres per hour as opposed to 9O - 95 kilometres per hour.

Tyre Pressure

Check you have the correct tyre pressure for the conditions.

UHF & CB Radio Emergency Channels

The emergency channels for your UHF or CB radio is 5 and 35

Know Your Car

The best way to get to know your car is to at least learn how to do a minor service on it before you leave. Even if you just know how to change the oil, oil filter and air filter, you will save money and the time it takes finding somewhere to book it in etc. Buy a manual on servicing your car and take it with you as well.


Not going above 90 kmph will give you good fuel economy but if you aren't in a hurry sitting on 80 kmph will give you even better benefits. Not only does it give you a better chance of stopping suddenly if necessary, with such a big load, but it also gives truckies and other road users a better chance of being able to overtake you, because lets face it, they just want to get past and its better if they can do it easily rather than get frustrated and possibly take risks causing an accident.