Hints and Tips - Caravaning

Before Setting Off

Ease the pressure of hours in the car wondering if you did everything before setting off on the next leg of the journey, by making a checklist.

Things to check will include:
* Windows closed and locked
* Roof hatch is down
* Hand brake is NOT on
* Step folded in
* Battery switched over
* Cupboards packed and closed
* All items secure
* Fridge packed correctly and locked

It is also a good idea if you plan on a longer stop for a cuppa or lunch etc turn off the 12 volt system on the fridge, eliminating the possibility of a flat battery in the car when you take off again. Also staying overnight and not unhitching the van, disconnect 12 volt system in case 12 volt lights are left on.

Dump Points

When travelling and your petrol tank is full it's great but there is one tank that can be inconvenient when it is full.

That's when you need to find a local dump point and this website will give you a list of all dump points within a region. You can download the listing on your computer/laptop etc or you can access a list of dump points within an hours drive of your selected location.

  • Sanidumps
  • Toilet On Board

    Adhere to your toilet manual and never, ever travel with anything in your loo. It will make a huge mess that you won't be impressed about cleaning up after.

    Know Your Caravan

    Getting to know your caravan will be the best thing you ever do before you leave. Read the manual, watch the video, read the manual and then do it again.