Hints and Tips - Dollar Savers


Become a member of a large holiday park chain and receive discounts on accommodation. Very handy for long term travellers.

Buying ice for your esky will be cheaper if purchased from the supermarket instead of a petrol station.

Choice research found Queensland to be the cheapest state for groceries.

Stock up on groceries in larger cities and towns as you pass through as they usually offer cheaper prices. Stockpile everyday items like tea, coffee etc so you don't feel compelled to buy essentials from roadhouse in the middle of nowhere.

Shop wisely and buy plain, boneless beef in bulk from the butcher and ask them to cryovac (vacuum seal) the meat. This will help with storage and extend the shelf life, particularly handy if you are heading to remote areas.


Be sure to take any warranties for appliances/products etc that are current ,so that you don't have any problems getting a replacement or service while you are so far from home.

Gas Bottle Gauge and Refills

These are a fantastic idea to ensure that you don't get caught with a half baked cake in the oven. They simply fit to your gas bottle and you can see exactly how much gas you have at any given time. There are some very expensive places to fill gas bottles and from place to place they can vary a great deal. Our tip without a doubt is BCF.

Know Your Car

The best way to get to know your car is to at least learn how to do a minor service on it before you leave. Even if you just know how to change the oil, oil filter and air filter, you will save money and the time it takes finding somewhere to book it in etc. Buy a manual on servicing your car and take it with you as well.


Not going above 90 kmph will give you good fuel economy but if you aren't in a hurry sitting on 80 kmph will give you even better benefits. Not only does it give you a better chance of stopping suddenly if necessary, with such a big load, but it also gives truckies and other road users a better chance of being able to overtake you, because lets face it, they just want to get past and its better if they can do it easily rather than get frustrated and possibly take risks causing an accident.