Hints and Tips - Extended Travel

Mail Forwarding Services

When you are travelling for an extended period and don't want to burden someone else with your mail retrieval, a safe and reliable mail-forwarding service is a great idea.

You can pick up a free postcode book from Australia Post to help you with which Post Office you want your mail to be sent to.

  • Landbase Australia
  • Voting

    Before you start your travels visit your local Electoral Office and they will assist you with registering as an itinerant voter if you are travelling for an extended period.

    Washing Machine

    If you are planning to travel for an extended period it is definitely worth weighing up the advantages of buying a little washing machine. If you think about how many loads you do in a week at the least cost of $3 per load times by how long you will be away, you just might find it cheaper in the long run to but a little one for approx $300 or less. You can't beat the convenience either.

    Shopping Trolley

    If you don't decide to buy a washing machine and you have to lug washing to and fro, save your back and invest in a little shopping cart with removable bag. You can use the bag inside for a laundry bag and simply pop it onto the trolley when are ready to wash. BIG W $14.