Hints and Tips - Travelling with Kids

Car Travel

An all round great way to entertain the whole family in the car is with books on CD. They tick all of the boxes for kids that can't read in the car due to headaches or car sickness or not being able to read well and if you want them to take in the sights instead of watching movies and missing out on all of the wonderful countryside, not to mention the golden peace and quiet.

Chuchy Bags

Not nice to think about but its way better to be prepared for the inevitable odd bout of vomiting. Having these bags on hand, from pharmacies, will save a lot of messy cleaning in a caravan or car. Without going into detail, a sick child in a caravan tends to make a much bigger mess than in a house, especially if they are on the top bunk, need I say more.

Chuchy Bags

The difference between enrolling in Long Distance Education and Homeschooling your child/ren is basically that they need to be in a house to be home schooled. So homeschooling whilst travelling in a caravan is not an option. It is the road to Long Distance Education from now on which means approx 3 hours per day and schedules, because you have to send the work back at certain intervals so you are a little more restricted. The upside is that as a parent you are really only supervising the work getting completed on time with no marking involved and possibly more motivated students since they have contact with a real life teacher twice a week.