Hints and Tips - Top Travel Tips

Pack Smart

Whether you're caravanning or camping, it's a great idea to have a couple of nights trial, that way you'll discover what you really need on the road. You'll be surprised by what you use and what you don't and it's better to find out before you leave.

Know Your gear

Get to know your car, caravan or tent intimately before you leave. You don't want to be learning how to change a tyre in the middle of the Nullabour. Practice makes perfect.

Find Heaven in the Details

Think outside the box when planning your trip. Is it school holidays? What sort of space are you going to need? All of the details are worth looking for and nutting out before you leave.

Locals and Fellow Travellers

You can explore all you like and read all the books but nothing will give you a greater, more up-to-date insight than talking to the locals and other travellers. It is the best way to find out where to go and share tips, especially caravan park operators.

Get Organised

Find out what works for you, storage wise. Plastic storage boxes are your best friend, you can buy them in so many different shapes and sizes to fir exactly where you need them to go. Collapsible buckets, wire cake cooler that doubles as a dish drainer, its the little things that make a big difference.

Slow and Steady Is Best

Its not necessarily a bad thing to drive slow when you have a van on the back of your car. You will save fuel and if you sit on around 80 kph it stops truckies and other road users getting frustrated because they can actually get around you easier.

Research, Research and Research

Little things such as finding out where can you refill gas bottles, is it peak season, are you looking for a major event or trying to avoid it, check deals in parks, check the weather. All of these little things can save you money and disappointment in the long run.

Kids and Entertainment

Kids on the road need to be entertained there is only so much staring out the window they can do without the inevitable "are we there yet". If they are not of reading age or if it makes them sick, books on CD are the perfect solution. It keeps them engaged without missing out on the beautiful scenery if they were watching a movie and there will be peace and quiet for all.

Embrace Technology

An iphone is the way to go for an item that performs multiple functions. They have an inbuilt GPS and modem, spirit level, compass and so many other handy things all in one.

Relationship Strain

When travelling it means you will be spending a lot more time in your companions pocket than you normally would. Know when you need some alone time and ask for it before you get to the end of your patience.