About New South Wales

About New South Wales

Classy, euphoric, cheeky and historic.

Uncover your own unique experience in NSW, Australia's most populated state.

Bordered on the north by Queensland, on the west by South Australia, on the south by Victoria and on the east by the Tasman Sea.

New South Wales three largest cities, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, lie near the centre of a narrow coastal strip extending from cool temperate areas on the far south coast to subtropical areas near the Queensland border.

Every dynamic region is home to its very own treasures, from the bracing temperatures of the Snowy Mountains to the searing heat in the Outback, each destination adopts a certain lifestyle that suits the population and visitors just fine.

From the state's capital, Sydney, it's a breeze to get yourself to and fro by bus, plane, rail or jump in the car for the sheer pleasure of the journey and enjoy some truly inspirational drives.

If you need to breathe life back into your sails, then look no further, NSW will offer you a healthy tonic of activities to boost energy and restore vitality. From the glitz and glamour of Sydney to the mystical rainforests of the Great Diving Range. Whether you revel in the stylish simplicity of organic Byron Bay or crave seclusion in far flung places where you won't find yourself within cooee of another single soul.

Time spent exploring is never time wasted, so pack up the precious Little Rays of Sunshine and meet the fabulous creatures that share our planet, occupy our rainforests and swim in our seas. There is no time like the present to uplift, educate and stimulate.

Conquer your appetite with the gourmet delights and award-winning wines of the Hunter. Push your boundaries with other adrenalin fanatic comrades. If you're on the pilgrimage for the perfect beach, then far be it for anyone to stand in your way from carving it up with locals on any one of the string of sublime beaches between Tweed Heads and Eden.

In a state where the population is conditioned from day one to withstand, enjoy and uphold the road trip, it actually doesn't make a dot of difference where you're from, NSW will flaunt itself willingly to anyone who takes the time to explore.