South Coast

South Coast

South Coast - New South Wales

The South Coast is an all year round visitors haven, with Berry at the starting blocks and reaching all the way down to Eden near the border of Victoria. With a spectacularly diverse landscape, you can experience adventure and tranquility amidst mystical forests and mountains to pristine beaches and bays.

The South Coast plays host to more than 30 national parks and reserves, where the wildlife is diverse and abundant, ensuring a wonderland of activity from animals and humans alike, co-existing together and maintaining a pristine environment.

Home to medal award-winning wineries and fresh gourmet delicacies, two essential ingredients in a memorable holiday along with quaint, artistic and crafty villages.

The easy self-drive tours along the south coast will have you feeling inspired to take on "The Road Trip" more often, as you seek and discover your own special piece of paradise.