Sydney Region

Sydney Region

Sydney Region - New South Wales

Sydney is Australia's largest city, legendary for its pulsating, cosmopolitan and multifaceted lifestyle, featuring the visually spectacular 240 kilometres of sparkling harbour shoreline that comes to life with every form of water transport that takes your fancy.

A short walk into the commercial hub of the city is a seamless canopy of modern high rises overseeing the action, tailor made for the energetic and indulgent, where visitors can lose themselves, not only on the streets but also in their soy lattes, spending and sightseeing.

As the sun sets on another productive day, the swanky restaurants with reputations that are unsurpassed and funky bars and clubs, become a utopia for social beings where having a good time is mandatory to enhance your Sydney experience.

This multi-cultural city is intensely physical with all of the essential ingredients required of a destination with so much to offer.

Experience a big slice of city life.