Kiama Blow Hole Kiama

Kiama Blow Hole

Kiama Blow Hole Kiama - NSW Landmarks

Landmark: Kiama Blow Hole
Address: Blowhole Point Road, Kiama, 2533, NSW

Located 1 and a half hours south of Sydney in Kiama, this seaside town is famous for playing host to the world's largest blow hole.

This landmark was seen by George Bass in 1797 after he anchored his whaleboat in Kiama Harbour, but not before local Aboriginals had been calling it "Khanterintee" for generations.

Approximately 600,000 tourists visit each year to catch the blowhole at its spectacular best.

When the waves are big, they enter the mouth of the Blowhole and compress the air within the cavity and as water leaves, it is forced up by the compressed air while the opening is still blocked, resulting in the loud acoustics of the air escaping as the water spouts up to 60 metres high.

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