Living Desert Sanctuary Broken Hill

Living Desert Sanctuary

Living Desert Sanctuary Broken Hill - NSW Landmarks

Landmark: Living Desert Sanctuary
Address: Nine Mile Road, Broken Hill, 2880, NSW

Uncover a breathtaking journey exploring the Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, located within the Living Desert Reserve, amongst the Barrier Ranges, 9 kilometres from the city of Broken Hill, a truly Australian city. Flourishing in an inspirational outback landscape that has drawn artists and filmmakers like a magnet, to capture the magic of the great Australian outback in all its grandeur.

The Living Desert Reserve covers 2400 hectares of land, with walking trails allowing visitors access to "The Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary" which is surrounded by an electric fence in order to protect Aboriginal Heritage in the area.

An educational and cultural experience like no other, this breathtaking flora and fauna reserve instils the importance of preserving our environment.

Check out "The Sculpture Symposium", an assortment of amazing sandstone sculptures standing majestically on the hilltop within the centre of the reserve. Artists from around the world completed The Symposium, made up of 12 sculptures in 1993, each with its own story.

There is vehicle access to the sculptures or a 1.2 km walking trail and in addition to the major attraction of the Living Desert there is also a picnic area with free gas BBQ's, shelters and toilets.

Dawn and dusk are the best viewing times to immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere of the Aboriginal Heritage that allows visitors to this site to be educated and amazed.

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