Yulara - Central Australia - Northern Territory

Travelling to the spiritual heart of Australia to see the largest monolith on earth, Uluru-Ayers Rock, has long been one of the most enlightening experiences travellers embark upon during their exploration of this country.This majestic natural wonder of the world stands at 348 metres high with the majority of its mass underground. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, whether you walk around it, ride around it, climb it or see it by air, there is one certainty and that is that you don't just see Ayers Rock, you experience it. Feel the magic for yourself in a place where the land is rich in Dreamtime stories and will give you an insight as to the connection the traditional Anangu owners have with this very special part of the world.

Approximately 50 kilometres west of Uluru is yet another unusual formation known as the Olgas where explorers can wander through these weathered domes of Kata Tjuta along the Valley of the Winds established trail. Both of these incredibly peaceful places allow travellers to truly unwind while they gain a deeper level of understanding of the connection between spirit and country.

Yulara is a purpose built town to service Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park with the Voyages Ayers Rock Resort complex made up of six hotels ranging in style and affordability from a five star resort to campgrounds. Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the Red Centre and you will leave along with memories will last forever.

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