Adelaide River

Adelaide River - Darwin Region - Northern Territory

The small colourful town of Adelaide River is a short drive, 110 kilometres south of Darwin, where it was once the hub of activity during the second world war. Take the time to view some war relics that can still be seen scattered around Adelaide River. Step back in time and visit some of the historical sites including the Snake Creek Arsenal and the WWII cemetery for servicemen and civilians who lost their lives during air-raids in Darwin.

Being well known for its crocodiles, due to the substantial population of these interesting and equally frightening creatures, has resulted in it becoming the focal point for cruises on the Adelaide River. Choose your own adventure on one of the various Croc Jumping cruises as they are coaxed out of the water for their tucker. This was very exciting, just remember to keep all limbs within the safety of the boat.

Visit Butterfly Gorge Nature Park (4wd only) and Robin Falls where you can enjoy a swim for your efforts. Mount Bundy Station is a fantastic opportunity to learn of the cattle industry history, glimpsing back through the ages and get your riding boots on and experience blissful horse treks through heavenly countryside.

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