Litchfield National Park Batchelor

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park Batchelor - NT Landmarks

Landmark: Litchfield National Park
Address: Litchfield Park Road, Litchfield Park, 0822, NT

The gateway to the Litchfield National Park, Batchelor can be found 98 kilometres south of Darwin and was named after the South Australian Labour politician Egerton Lee Batchelor. This tiny settlement now depends on tourism unlike its past of fleeting bursts of agricultural and mining projects before being turned into an Allied Air Force base. Sift through the many tales circulating as to how Rum Jungle earned its name, we still cant work out which one is true.

Delving into the cultural projects and Aboriginal artworks proudly on display at the Coomalie Cultural Centre was incredibly inspiring. Walk in the footsteps of pioneers by visiting the historic Blythe Homestead located inside Litchfield National Park. Enjoy the incredible cascades from high up on the viewing platform overlooking the mesmerising Florence Falls followed by a relaxing swim in the unspoilt waters of the pool below.

Thrill seekers in the search of adventure and discovery can negotiate the tough terrain leading to the Lost City. This amazing landmark of sandstone structures will conjure up images of an ancient city ravaged by the fury of Mother Nature. Inspiration around every corner and boundless possibilities for the break you desire, begins and ends in Batchelor and its magnificent surroundings.

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