Mackay Region

Mackay Region

Mackay Region - Queensland

The Mackay region is a tantalising mix of national park, deserted beaches and protected bays surrounded by hinterland with lush rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls and mountains of the Eungella National Park.

The mainland is adorned with adventure and activities in a year round tropical climate perfect for taking in vistas, soaking up culture, lazing on beaches and tempting taste buds.

Positioned on a fertile coast mainly dedicated to sugar cane growing, Mackay is Tropical Queensland's centre for the sugar industry. This spirited city with its palm tree bordered streetscapes with art deco buildings, botanical gardens and marina are highlights. Situated on a coastline of 31 beaches it won't be hard to find a little bit of splendid seclusion when the need is apparent.

Fancy a bit of fun and frivolity in the forest? Throw caution to the wind, be a dare devil and glide along on the latest fad in eco-tourism with Forest Flying. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground choose between a 10 minute stroll or a two day hike in a more conventional way by taking part in one of many walks through Finch Hatton Gorge or Eungella National Park. Either way, the wildlife will be in their home waiting to be discovered.

For maritime adventurers grab your goggles and snorkel and splash out in the unspoilt waters or get the very best view of the coast from a yacht as you sail the Coral Sea. Mackay prides itself as being one of the very best regions for leisure fishing on the east coast of Australia, with endless options no matter what your preferred variety of fishing.