Outback QLD

Outback QLD

Outback QLD - Queensland

For a dinky di Aussie experience, get off the beaten track and head for the wide open spaces of the rugged, unspoilt Queensland Outback. Explore our nations pioneering spirit with tales brimming in rich history, the quirky characters that give Outback events a character of their own and a unique landscape of rolling red sand dunes, pockets of rainforest, dusty roads, rocky outcrops and ribbons of rivers and waterways. The Queensland Outback is vast with thousands of kilometres of road stretching across the region with unforgettable experiences to encounter and fair dinkum Aussies to meet.

In the South West, an extraordinary transformation has materialised, after a considerable amount of rain, and restored the landscape by filling creek beds and lakes and breathing life back into the terrain. Treat yourself to a star studded evening at the observatory in Charleville, visit the iconic Burke and Wills Dig Tree on Cooper Creek, the furthest town from the ocean in Australia at Eromanga and the Lake Bindegolly National Park.

Queensland's Far West Outback is one of the most remote and challenging environments you will encounter and is also one of the most spectacular. Drop into the famous Birdsville Pub for a beer, visit the incredible Lake Eyre Basin after one of the wettest years on record where the Diamantina and Georgina rivers flow through the land directing seasonal floodwaters toward this amazing landmark.

At the geographical heart of Queensland is the Central West region with an abundance of natural attractions, legends of the outback, world class museums, breathtaking landscapes and the opportunity to learn of our cultural heritage that has shaped our nation. Hunt for dinosaur bones in Winton and make your way to Lark Quarry and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs for undisputed proof of these prehistoric animals on Australian soil.

The North West is home to rich fossil sites, diverse Australian landscapes, stunning sunsets and serene National Parks. Walk in the footsteps of crocodile Dundee at the Walkabout Creek Hotel in McKinlay, Australia's own Little Grand Canyon in the Porcupine Gorge National Park, fishing at Lake Moondarra north of Mount Isa and Chinaman creek dam in Cloncurry.

For a fantastic addition to any holiday plans, the Queensland Outback will leave a lasting impression for those who spend some time exploring the landscape and immersing themselves in the unique day to day activities of life on the land where all roads lead to unexpected adventures.