Australia Zoo, Beerwah

Australia Zoo - Beerwah

REGION: Sunshine Coast, Glasshouse Mountains
ADDRESS: 1638 Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah, QLD, 4519
PHONE: 07 5436 2000

Wow! Check out the awesome wildlife extravaganza at Australia Zoo! There's the amazing Tiger Temple, a whole host of hands-on Animal Encounters and stacks of action in the Crocoseum. We have created two suggested itineraries below to help you plan an awesome day at Australia Zoo, one includes all of our furry friends and the other will introduce you to the Zoo's slithery residents.

Here at Australia Zoo, we take great pride in creating exhibits and enclosures that not only allow our guests to see and experience our animals up close, but also are luxurious, spacious, stimulating and fun for our animals to live and play in.

Our exhibits are works of art, architectural firsts, 5-star accommodation for our animals and unlike anything in any other zoo around the world. Each one of them is the brainchild of the one and only Steve Irwin; they were conceived in his mind and brought to life by the talented crew of designers, artists, builders and horticulturalists that he hand-picked and supervised. They are his dreams brought to life and we are extremely proud to present them to you. Come and see these truly stunning and adventurous exhibits in person at Australia Zoo... you just won't believe your eyes!

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