Seastar Cruises, Cairns

Seastar Cruises - Cairns

REGION: Tropical North QLD, Cairns
ADDRESS: 75 The Esplanade, Cairns, QLD, 4870
PHONE: 07 4041 6218

Looking for a reef trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef? Like to try snorkelling or scuba diving or both?

How about 2 tours in the one day!

Seastar Cruises premium reef cruise combines the outer Great Barrier Reef with a coral cay island.

In only 1 and a 1/4 hours the fast air-conditioned Seastar 1 can take you from Cairns to magnificent Michaelmas Cay, the largest of the local uninhabited coral cays. Cruising past Green Island, Upolu cay and Oyster reef, Seastar is the first boat to arrive.

After an enjoyable time here it is a short 20 minute cruise to the splendid Hastings Reef, sitting on the very outer edge. This is where the corals thrive, well out from the coast away from the influence of rivers and streams, adjacent to the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Michaelmas Cay

Located 22 nautical miles from Cairns - 40 km - the distance across the English Channel, and close to the outer reef systems, Michaelmas Cay is the largest of the uninhabited coral cays in the Cairns region; in fact it is huge in comparison to the others. Being so large it can sustain a permanent low grassy area the size of 2 football fields, approximately 3 and a 1/2 metres high (11' 6') and is home to up to 35 different species of sea birds.

Seastar is the first vessel to arrive at Michaelmas Cay. Very few tour boats are now permitted access to this sensitive island and there are only three vessels which travel daily that are permitted the right to use the Cay on their trips.

Hastings Reef

Why travel so far out to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Hastings Reef 30 nautical miles out from Cairns, during the last ice age some 15,000 years ago is where the Australian coast line resided and it was here the reef began to grow.

This is the preferred location for corals, well away from the coast and the effect of the rivers and streams, out here on the very edge of the Pacific Ocean is where the corals thrive. Of course with the healthy corals there are many dynamic and colourful fish.

For divers and snorkellers you are swimming in the clear ocean water which provides the utmost visibility.

What's Included

* Morning and Afternoon Tea/coffee
* Lunch - Already Suitable for vegetarians, includes 2 hot dishes and a selection of meats for others
* Fully guided snorkel tours - 2 tours not 1
* Quality brand mask, snorkel and fins - Current, new equipment
* Optical masks - Ample selection of lenses in quality Tusa frames
* Wetsuit or stinger suit - Depending on the season
* Buoyancy vest - Category 2 safety vest
* Noodle - Solid style pool noodle
* Reef Interpretation 'Reef Brief' - Based on Reef Teach of Cairns
* Glass Bottom Boat tour - 30 minute tours in this modern design vessel
* Island circumnavigation - For birding observation tours
* Modern design Seastar 1 - Fast, comfortable and airconditioned

How to get to Seastar Cruises

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