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Birdsville Track

Birdsville Track Roxby Downs - SA Landmarks

Landmark: Birdsville Track
Address: Birdsville Track, Marree, 5733, SA

The Birdsville Track is an iconic Australian road trip that attracts adventurers and 4 wheel drive enthusiasts to encounter the extensive harsh desert and explore our planets last frontiers. The track is 517 kilometres in length and extends from Marree, a tiny outback town in South Australia, north across the Tirari Desert and Sturt Stoney Desert coming to an end in Birdsville in south western Queensland. Originally the track was opened to transport cattle from Northern Queensland and Northern Territory to the railheads in Port Augusta and later Marree. During its use, the Birdsville Track evolved into one of the country's most remote and well known stock and later, mail routes.

Jump on board with a guided tour of the track organise your own band of adventurers or go it alone, sensibly. The track has been upgraded from poor quality, high clearance 4WD only to a dirt road and is now a popular tourist route. Starting from the southern point of Marree, leave the outside world behind and uncover your own unique experience. The town of Mungerannie is home to a vast array of birdlife and is situated approximately hallway along the Birdsville Track. Visit the artesian pools and you may discover comrades soaking weary muscles and swapping stories.

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