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Landmark: Coober Pedy
Address: Hutchison Street, Coober Pedy, 5723, SA

Coober Pedy is well known for its opal mines and underground homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and church, situated 846 kilometres north of Adelaide. Returning soldiers from World War I came up with the idea of underground living, having been familiar with trench life. Today the idea has proven to be popular with approximately half the population having taken up this unusual way of life in order to retreat from the harsh temperatures in the outback. The landscape surrounding the town resembles that of a moonscape, intriguing, eerie and mesmerising as thousands of mines are dotted throughout the desolate terrain.

Take a tour of Old Timers Mine and museum or Umoona Opal Mine and Museum or why not try your luck at 'noodling' and dig up your own hidden treasure. There are plenty of opportunities to browse for the perfect opal with over 30 outlets in town. A tour of the towns underground homes, opal mines and art gallery is a must and the Coober Pedy Golf Course is a unique way to experience playing on a grassless course.

Visit the movie set location for films such as 'Mad Max', Ground Zero' and 'Pitch Black' where the incredible natural landscape enticed film makers to the Painted Desert, the Moon Plain and the Breakaways. Marvel at the incredible stories as only the mailman can relate, and discover the outback on The Mail Run.

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