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Flinders Ranges

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Landmark: Flinders Ranges
Address: Yunta-Waukaringa Road, Curnamona, 5730, SA

Flinders Ranges National Park plays host to an abundance of wildlife and rock formations along hiking trails and gorges amidst 540 million year old landscape. Challenge your body and push the boundaries in the largest mountain range in South Australia where visitors will gain an exquisite perception of things stunning and rare. There are majestic mountains shimmering beneath the setting sun and rugged outcrops breaking free from impenetrable foliage in an ancient land that is unspeakably beautiful. Visitors yearning for seclusion will admire wedge-tailed eagles soaring across the brilliant blue sky and the stillness of a star hung night.

Wilpena Pound embodies an ambience that will not be lost on travellers. The huge natural amphitheatre is the highlight of the Flinders Ranges National Park located at the most northern point. Bushwalking is a very popular activity in these fabulous surroundings, marvel at the changing colours of rugged peaks throughout the day and the abundant wildlife including kangaroos, emus, birds and the yellow footed rock wallaby. The history of this breathtaking mountain scenery can be explored on the informative Brachina Gorge Geological Trail.

Highlights of Wilpena Pound are the culturally significant Aboriginal art sites at Arkaroo Rock and Sacred Canyon and invigorating walks to Clem Corner, Wilpena Lookout, Rawnsley Bluff and Ferntree Falls.

Head out for a little adventure on a 4WD tour or a scenic flight over one of the finest landscapes in Australia. Choose from one of the accommodation options including the Wilpena Pound Resort and the Rawnsley Park Station.

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