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Nullarbor Plain

Nullarbor Plain Ceduna - SA Landmarks

Landmark: Nullarbor Plain
Address: Eyre Highway, Border Village, 5690, SA

Endeavouring to cross the legendary Nullarbor Plain is no small feat and should not be undertaken without careful consideration. Having said that, crossing the Nullarbor encapsulates the quintessential experience of the Australian Outback and is the embodiment of Aussie road trips. Given that, the region occupies 77,000 square miles of semi arid karst landform, it is little wonder where the name came from. Nullarbor, originated from the Latin word 'Nullus' meaning 'no' and 'Arbor' meaning 'trees'. The Nullarbor Plain stretches for 720 kilometres and is home to Australia's longest straight road, 146.6 kilometres of not even slightly turning the wheel.

As much as the trip is tedious it is equally enthralling with the wild Southern Ocean crashing into the impressive sheer cliffs of the Head of Bight. Koonalda Cave and Bunabie Blowhole can be accessed with an authorised caving group or the National Parks and Wildlife officers. The Nullarbor Roadhouse is a welcome relief for travellers, providing necessities to continue the trip along with a caravan park, motel and restaurant.

Don't forget to load up the golf clubs to break up the monotony of the journey as Nullarbor Plain offers golfers an 18 hole golf course named Nullarbor Links and is said to be the 'World's Longest Golf Course'.

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