Western Wilderness

Western Wilderness

Western Wilderness - Tasmania

Take your time to explore and celebrate all that is wild and wonderful in Tasmania's spectacular Western Wilderness region. Embrace the rare privilege of Mother Nature's work, tailor made for wilderness warriors embarking on a journey to experience some of the most important World Heritage areas on the planet. You will be immersed in the infinite peace of an area steeped in history, the stillness of a star hung night and the exquisite perception of things beautiful and rare.

The old mining town ambience of Queenstown is evident in its historic buildings and expansive streets where it was once the world's richest mining town. The distinctive landscape promises dazzling shades of pink and gold under the brilliant sun where the bald, lunar hillside is reminiscent of the regions harsh mining days and now serves as a timely reminder of human impact on the environment.

Feel a million miles away in Strahan. Cruise the famous Gordon River where passengers are immersed into Tasmania's World Heritage Area of lush wilderness and a stop at Sarah Island gives us a glimpse back into the logging days of Huon Pine for shipbuilding.

Wander into the deep, dark caverns of Mole Creek Karst National Park and join a guided tour of King Solomons Cave housing magnificent coloured stalagmites and stalactites. Marvel at the amazing glow worm display of Marakoopa Cave.

Zeehan was once nicknamed the 'Silver City of the West' after $8 million dollars of silver-lead deposits were dug up between 1893 and 1908. During its heyday the revolutionary Gaiety Theatre was built confirming the towns status as entertainment central on the west coast leading to an appearance from the one and only Dame Nellie Melba.

Encounter one of the oldest living things on earth, the Huon Pine, on an excursion with Lake Johnson Reserve Tours in the time honoured forests surrounding the mining town of Rosebery. A relaxing journey aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway will impress even the most discerning traveller, passing by an impenetrable screen of foliage and over a multitude of bridges from Queenstown to Strahan. Walk the 36 kilometres of sand on Tasmania's longest beach and get your backside duneside for a rush like no other at Henty Sand Dunes.

Western Wilderness Towns