Karijini National Park Tom Price

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park Tom Price - WA Landmarks

Landmark: Karijini National Park
Address: Karajini Drive, Karijini, 6751, WA

Situated in the north west of Western Australia, Karijini is the states second largest National Park, located in the Hamersley Range and stated as being possibly one of the most spectacular in the world. The park's famous gorges have been a source of exhilarating adventure, sublime tranquility and sheer enthusiasm for numerous travellers over many years. The rolling hillsides shield plunging gorges encompassed by sheer cliffs with spectacular colours. The myriad of wildlife will impress the most experienced trekker together with vibrant wildflowers. The sensational Karijini Visitors Centre is run by the Banyjima, traditional owners of Karijini, displaying a natural and cultural history of this very special area arousing curiosity from all who visit.

The myriad of breathtaking walks, enchanting lookouts, idyllic swimming holes and stunning waterfalls are mind blowing however it is recommended to practice caution before venturing out. Fitness levels need to be seriously considered so it is advisable to pick up a copy of DEC's Karijini: Visitor Information and Walk Trail Guide for an in-depth breakdown of all the walking trails and their duration. Visitors are advised to make allowances for the weather conditions, rugged terrain and unpredictability of walking trails.

Once you have taken all of this onboard and settled on your capabilities, pack your bathers, get your boots on and prepare to be spoilt by mother nature. Dales Gorge is home to Fortescue Falls and is one of the easiest, though steep, and shortest walks where you can swim amidst the invigorating waterfall. An easy walk a little further around is the magical Fern Pool. Circular Pool is also situated in Dales Gorge although a longer walk it is simply fascinating.

Another miniature, serene pool awaits in the depths of Kalamina Gorge and then the impressive lookouts of Knox and Joffre Gorges beckon with walking trails for those keen to explore further. Oxers Lookout will impress and is one of the states most incredible sights as the junction of Red, Weano, Joffre and Hancock Gorges intersect, resulting in a most spectacular sight.

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