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Ningaloo Reef

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Landmark: Ningaloo Reef
Address: Yardie Creek Road, Cape Range National Park, 6707, WA

The ocean paradise of Ningaloo Reef extends from Coral Bay in the south and north to Exmouth, an amazing 260 kilometres in length while stretching almost 20 kilometres out to sea, covering a mammoth 5,000 square kilometres of vibrant tropical fish and brilliant coral in crystal clear turquoise water. The World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef is famous not only for its sensational display of marine wildlife but the fact that visitors can experience this unique attraction simply by stepping off the white sands and into the warm tropical waters.

Get up close and personal with the gentle giants of the underwater world and board a designated vessel to take you to the depths of Utpoia for an unforgettable experience as these serene creatures stop by between April and June each year. By taking another special guided trail, between January and February, visitors have the unique opportunity to view the rare turtle species that hatch here.

The laid back seaside townships of Coral Bay and Exmouth play host to a range of activities with the Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, offering incredible canyons and gorges. There is comfortable accommodation for all visitors from caravan parks to eco-retreats.

An unforgettable experience awaits all who slip on a snorkel and step into the unbelievably brilliant clear ocean where you will encounter marinelife of all shapes, sizes, colours and characters.

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