Pinnacles Desert Jurien Bay

Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles Desert Jurien Bay - WA Landmarks

Landmark: Pinnacles Desert
Address: Pinnacles Drive, Nambung, 6521, WA

Cervantes is the gateway to the spellbinding Pinnacles Desert, situated in the Nambung National Park just 20 kilometres south of Jurien Bay, where magical limestone structures reach out of the desert floor creating an intriguing maze. Take a self guided tour or you can join a tour from Cervantes and view these fascinating peaks as they take on an amazing glow with the setting of the sun. The visitors Centre gives an intriguing overview of these eerie formations scattered throughout corrugated sand dunes.

Varying widely in size and shape gives the stark landscape an otherworldly appearance making this a unique opportunity for photographers. From August to October the park comes alive with a beautiful display of wildflowers. Nearby Hangover Bay is fantastic for picnics with stunning scenery and facilities for a relaxing BBQ lunch after swimming and relaxing on the beach. Kangaroo Point is also popular where you can take in views of Cervantes at Thirsty Point.

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