Wave Rock Hyden

Wave Rock

Wave Rock Hyden - WA Landmarks

Landmark: Wave Rock
Address: Wave Rock Road, Hyden, 6359, WA

Located in the Golden Outback, 3 kilometres east of Hyden and 350 kilometres south east of Perth, this spectacular rock formation is without a doubt, a natural wonder of the world. This incredible formation rises 15 metres into the air and stretches more than 100 metres in length resembling a giant wave frozen in time before it crashes to the earth. Comprised of a kaleidoscope of colours it is believed to be more than 2,700 million years old.

As one of Australia's most recognisable landforms it is well the effort to stay a while and view the colourful granite stripes as they transform beneath the sun's rays. View the Aboriginal rock paintings at Bates Cave along with the interesting Dreamtime story of Mulka the Terrible who lived in the cave. While you are there it is worth seeing Hippos Yawn, The Humps, Camel Peaks and King Rock. The area also attracts wildflower enthusiasts as it plays host to some amazing wildflower blooms.

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